Meeting of the Faculty Senate

Approved Minutes

March 30, 2022



The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:20 a.m.., with FASC Senate President Bill Fitzgerald presiding. There are 35 Senators, including 3 officers and four senators-at-large. Of the 42 voting members, 30 were present.  A quorum was met. 

  • A motion to approve the minutes of February 16, 2022, was made. The motion to approve the minutes was Voting record: 30 ayes, 0 opposed, 0 abstention
  • Courses and Programs presented by Alex Roche Chair of the APC for approval by the Senate:

Courses presented for approval by APC to Faculty Senate

March 30, 2022

Voting Record


Course #

Course Title

Credit Value

New/ Revision






Introduction to Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics






School of Social Work


Childhood Inequalities








































  • Meeting with Chancellor Tillis
    • Cancelled due to scheduling conflict
    • Rescheduled to later date


  • RUC-Driving Change
    • Kwangwon Lee presented
    • Grant writing group
    • 45 members in group representing 5 science departments
    • Finalist for 2.5 million dollar grant
    • Awarded $60,000/year for self-study
    • HHMI wants sustainable culture change
    • Proposing 2 student-centered programs
      • Driving Change-Scholars-4 year program representing underrepresented junior and seniors
      • Driving Changes-STEM Institute
        • Educating & training faculty and staff
        • Benefit for writing grants and resumes
        • Assist with more inclusive work environment


  • Gen-Ed Committee
    • Aaron Hostetter presented
    • New by-laws presented
    • Ability to audit courses, assessing effectiveness of Gen Eds, refreshing categories
    • Establishing the size of committee (10)
      • 4 from outside of Arts & Sciences
        • 1 from Business School
        • 1 from Nursing School
        • 1 administrator
        • 1 from Engaged Civic Learning
      • 6 at-large representatives from Arts & Sciences
    • Vote to amend by-laws will take place at later date



  • Committees on Committees
  • vacancies for FASC committees: Academic Policy & Course Study Committee 3 vacancies, Camden Faculty Council 1. Social Science 1 vacancy, Admissions and Retention 1 vacancy, Appointments and Promotions 3. Natural Sciences 1 vacancy (NTT; Associate TP +)Committee on Review 2 vacancies (for a 2-year term; must be tenured faculty)Planning and Budget 2 vacancies, Rules of Procedure 2 vacancies, Scholastic Standing 1 vacancies, Faculty Life 1 vacancy, Student Life 3 vacancies, General Education1. Social Sciences 2 vacancies2. Humanities 2 vacancies3. Natural Sciences 2 vacancies
    • looking to recruit faculty for these open positions and I ask you to consider your availability and to reach out to your departmental colleagues




The meeting adjourned at 12:26 p.m.


Present: Paul Bernstein, Holly Blackford, James Boucher, I-Ming Chiu, Iman Dehzangi, Jinglin Fu, Anthony Grasso, Osama Hamed, Aaron Hostetter, Evan Jewell, George Kumi, Haisheng Li, Rufan Luo, Randy Mershon, Susan Miller, Lorraine Minnite, Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn, Xingyun Qi, Jovanna Rosen, James Rushing, Stass Shpanin, Sarah Tosh, Zara Wilkinson, Anthony Wright; Officers: Bill Fitzgerald, Beth Rabinowitz, Julie Griepenburg


Absent (Senators): Margery Amdur, Debashis Kushary, Harry Rhea, Ira Roseman, Carol Singley,


Excused Absent (Senators): Ross Allen, Margaret Betz, Kendra Boyd, Lauren Daniel, Rafey Habib, Marien Solesio


Present Senators-at-Large: Bart Everts, Nathan Fried, Paul Jargowsky


Absent Senators-at-Large: (absent) Andrew Abeyta


Excused Senators-at-Large: (absent)


Present (Invited Guests): Alex Roche


Drafted by Kelly Esterly, ________________________________