Meeting of the CCAS Faculty Senate

Approved Minutes

September 19, 2022



The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:20 a.m., with CCAS Faculty Senate President Beth Rabinowitz presiding. There are 44 Senators, including 3 officers and 3 senators-at-large. Of the 44 voting members, 32 were present. A quorum was met. 

  • Courses and Programs presented by Alex Roche Chair of the APC for approval by the Faculty Senate:

Courses presented for approval by APC to Faculty Senate

September 19, 2022

Voting Record


Course #

Course Title

Credit Value

New/ Revision






















































  • Dean Griffin came to speak to the Senate and answered faculty questions pertaining to fiscal year budgets, campus deficits, and enrollment issues
  • Jillian Sayre introduced the Workload Survey created last year and explained what the goals were

          o relaunch original teaching overload survey that would collect information on teaching and mentoring above contracted course load

  • The President stated that a new website was being created for the Senate
  • President made an appeal to ask colleagues to fill open committee seats, especially APC which was unable to present courses
  • President asked for suggestions for how to ensure there are student reps on the Senate

o There was a brief discussion of the desirability of having student reps

o The matter was tabled for a future meeting

  • President read a request of a faculty member that all faculty respect the Mask Mandate
  • James Boucher presented a brief introduction to the amendments of the by-laws that had been made earlier but still had not been formally passed
  • Jim Brown informed the Senate of the interim Provost’s unilateral discission to disband the Undergraduate Research Committee

o Jim agreed to provide a written description of what had occurred for the Senate

  • A new sub-Committee was formed to review the by-laws and provide suggestions for how to increase faculty input and improve liaisons with the administration

o James Boucher, Chair

o Lori Minnite, Susan Miller, Lorrin Thomas and Beth Rabinowitz, members



The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


Present: Ross Allen, Paul Bernstein, Margaret Betz, Holly Blackford, James Boucher, Jim Brown, I-Ming Chiu, Lauren Daniel, Iman Dehzangi, Jamie Dunaev, Jinglin Fu, Anthony Geneva, Anthony Grasso, Julie Griepenburg, Osama Hamed, Nick Kapur, George Kumi, Haisheng Li, Randy Mershon, Lorraine Minnite, Kayla Preito-Hodge, Xingyun Qi, James Rushing, Stass Shpanin, Lorrin Thomas, Jeff Wang, Zara Wilkinson; Officers: Beth Rabinowitz, Susan Miller, Jovanna Rosen


Absent (Senators): Margery Amdur, Aaron Hostetter, John Wall


Excused Absent (Senators): Sean Duffy, Chris Fitter, Ana Laguna-Smith, Nate Wright


Present Senators-at-Large: Bart Everts, Nathan Fried


Absent Senators-at-Large: (absent)


Excused Senators-at-Large: (absent) Paul Jargowsky


Present (Invited Guests): Alex Roche


Drafted by Kelly Esterly, ________________________________