Meeting of the Faculty Senate

Approved Minutes

May 6, 2019


The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:20 a.m., with FASC Senate President Julie Still presiding.  There are 36 Senators, including three officers and five senators-at-large. Of the 28 voting members, 14 were present.  A quorum was met. 

  • A motion to approve the minutes of April 22, 2019, 2019 was made. The motion to approve the minutes with the correction was Voting record: 14 ayes, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions
  • Courses and Programs presented by Alex Roche Chair of the APC for approval by the Senate:


Courses presented for approval by APC to Faculty Senate

May 6, 2019

Voting Record


Course #

Course Title

Credit Value

New/ Revision





























































  • No courses were presented for approval.
  • Student Proposed Major-Urban Sustainability and Agricultural. Voting record: 13 ayes, 0 opposed, 1 abstention. Questions were presented regarding an appropriate timeline to propose majors.
  • Student proposed majors should be submitted 12 months prior to graduation.
  • Course flexibility is available for students that change their majors, but approval is still required.
  • Chief Dinan safety briefing canceled.


The meeting adjourned at 11:50 p.m.


Present: Craig Agule, James Boucher, Angelica Gonzalez, Julianne Griepenburg, George Kumi, Haisheng, Li, Rufan Luo, Susan Mokhberi, Silvia Perez Cortes, Beth Rabinowitz, Jillian Sayre, Richard Stansfield,; Officers: Julie Still, James Brown, Wayne Glasker


Absent (Senators): Andrew Abeyta, Ross Allen, Margery Amdur, Kate Anderson, Joseph Barbarese, Paul Bernstein, Melanie Bowers, Kate Cairns, Osama Hamed, Michael Hayes, Aaron Hostetter, Guy Kortsarz, Debashis Kushary, Kirsten Nussbaumer, Amy Savage.


Optional and noted (Faculty Senators-At-Large and University Senators):


Senators-at-Large: (present) Bart EvertsJoan Mazelis, Laura Napolitano


Senators-at-Large: (absent) Jean-Louis Hippolyte, Paul Jargowsky


University Senators: (all absent) Joseph Barbarese, Babu Dasari, Greg Pardlo, Vacant University Senator position – CCAS.


Present (Invited Guests):


Drafted by Kelly Esterly, ________________________________

Submitted by Wayne Glasker, Faculty Senate Secretary