Meeting of the Faculty Senate
Approved Minutes
April 23, 2018

The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:25 a.m., with FASC Senate President Julie Still presiding.  There are 38 Senators, including three officers, five senators-at-large, five senators on sabbatical, and two vacant positions (senators-at-large).  Of the 28 voting members, 18 were present (15 eligible to vote on the courses). A quorum was met. 

  1. A motion was made to approve the minutes of March 26, 2018. The motion was   Voting record: 13 ayes, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions
  2. Courses presented by John Wall, Chair of the APC for approval by the Senate:


Courses presented for approval by APC to Faculty Senate
April 23, 2018

Voting Record


Course #

Course Title

Credit Value

New/ Revision






Microbiology and its Applications






Fine Arts


History of Gospel Music






  1. As a reminder to the APC and the Senate, if there is a minor change to an existing course (add/remove pre-requisite; name change; credit value), the Form 29 can go directly to the Undergraduate Dean’s office for review/approval.
  2. Bill Whitlow, as chair of the General Education Committee meeting commented that the “History of Gospel Music” as proposed on the Form 29, would need to have detailed information/description included in the syllabus for any/all categories under General Education. John Wall, will remind the department chair to follow the requirements for the desired designations on the application for general education designation.
  1. New Business: Updates on previous business:
    1. Julie Still reported she emailed the Senators links to the search firm, a draft of the old job description for the CCAS Deanship and instructors how to provide feedback to the search committee. Discussion was introduced to the group by a fellow Senator that he heard from a member of the staff that there is no staff representation on the CCAS Dean’s Search Committee; Staff has no access or information to the Search firm or materials provided/published about the deanship search.  The Senator proposed that the Senate body create a statement of support to include Staff in this and future administrative searches.  The motion was approved.  Voting record:  15 ayes, 0 opposed one abstention.
      1. Draft Statement proposed: The Faculty Senate of the College of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-Camden believes that it is important and necessary to give all employees including faculty and staff, as well as students of the School and/or College, representation in this and all future campus administrative searches, to offer their thoughts and comments on the search process and candidates.
    2. Jane Siegel and the Campus-wide writing program program/study/initiative– Julie had a conversation with Jane Siegel who did not recall anything about this in the past, however Jane is currently part of a team that has a grant to study student writing across the curriculum and campus and will report back to the Senate next year on their findings
    3. Student Success Classes (pilot program AY 2018) – This was a Dean’s initiative for this academic year. Will ask for a follow-up report on this program at an early fall meeting next semester. 
    4. The May 7th meeting agenda– currently courses and a new program (Legal Studies major) under review by the APC.
    5. Julie asked the Senators to let her know if Monday’s at free period remained a good day to meet next semester.
    6. The Advising and Retention Council is working to develop a workflow to notify the various departments of changes to majors (department is still in control of their programs). If you have any suggestions and would like to contribute to the process, please attend an upcoming meeting.
    7. Would like to invite Jason Rivera to a fall meeting to talk about the strategic plan he is working on
    8. Several Senators voiced concerns/claims about Advising and the Career Center – Julie asked the Senators to send her their concerns and she would gather and coordinate and invite the Advising Team/Dean to an early fall meeting.
      1. Mary Beth Daisy – students are not required to see an Advisor, ever. With 5 advisors and 1,000 new students entering in addition to the existing student body, requiring mandatory advising does not work with the current ratio.
      2. Students are required to declare a major at 75 credits and still do not have to meet with Advisors.
    9. Would like to invite the Dean to clarify the need for so many General Education courses.
    10. Reports from different programs and services offered to the students; invite a representative to a future meeting.
      1. Writing Center
      2. Writing Design Lab
      3. Learning Center – (no tutors early in the semester)
    11. Would like to invite someone from Campus Administration to talk about the current and future infrastructure for the growing enrollment and services offered.
    12. How to change the culture of the student body with their relationship to reading. How to broach this campus-wide and encourage more reading.


The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Present: Andrew Abeyta, Craig Agule, James Boucher, Melanie Bowers, Kate Cairns, Wayne Glasker, Angelica Gonzalez, Julianne Griepenburg, Osama Hamed, Michael Hayes, Aaron Hostetter, George Kumi, Christopher Lim, Emily Marker, Joan Mazelis, Kirsten Nussbaumer, Silvia Perez Cortes, Beth Rabinowitz, Julie Still

 Absent (Senators): Ross Allen, Margery Amdur (Sabbatical), Kate Anderson (excused), Joseph Barbarese, Paul Bernstein, Nawaf Bou-Rabee, James Brown (Sabbatical), Vacant position, 2nd Vacant position, Jean-Louis Hippolyte (Sabbatical), Guy Kortsarz, Rufan Luo, Susan Miller, William Saidel, Amy Savage, Jillian Sayre (Sabbatical), Shauna Shames (Sabbatical), Richard Stansfield

Optional and noted (University Senators): Joseph Barbarese (absent), Joseph Schiavo (absent), Daniel Bubb (absent), Elizabeth Demaray (absent), Howard Marchitello (absent), Yuchung Wang (absent), Babu Dasari (absent) Jean-Louis Hippolyte (sabbatical).

 Present (Invited Guests): John Wall, APC Chair; Mary Beth Daisey, Associate Chancellor


Drafted by Maria Buckley, 04/24/2018
Submitted by Wayne Glasker, Faculty Senate Secretary