In response to ongoing conflicts and debates about free speech on college campuses (such as recent incidents at the University of Virginia on August 10-12, 2017), we, the Faculty Senate of the College of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-Camden, affirm our adherence to the values of integrity, curiosity, civility, mutual respect, and equal dignity of all people, as well as to the ideal of free expression, so crucial in a democracy.  We are keenly aware of our responsibility as an institution of higher education to help foster a welcoming, tolerant, and diverse learning community, where our students, faculty, and staff can learn and grow together in a safe environment. While there are limits on free speech and while those who threaten or defame others are not offered the protections of free speech, we do not advocate suppressing speech based on content, so long as that content is expressed in a manner consistent with our university values of according equal dignity to all persons and so long as it approaches discussion in a spirit of mutual learning and respect.