WHEREAS The President of the University has sent out to the Rutgers community two misleading emails: one to Rutgers students claiming a strike of Rutgers faculty or students is “illegal”; the other to Rutgers faculty in which he emphasized that New Jersey courts have ruled against public workers’ strikes while omitting that New Jersey has no statute prohibiting public servants from striking,  




WHEREAS The President’s rhetoric, which suggests that the honoring of picket-lines is criminal, can have an unnerving effect on those in the beloved Rutgers community who want to exercise their constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech, or who hold as a cherished principle not crossing a picket line in solidarity with fellow workers, 


BE IT RESOLVED that the CCAS Faculty Senate calls for


            -President Holloway to issue a statement and distribute it by email to all relevant lists declaring that there will be no retaliation against any member of the beloved community of faculty, students, and staff who choose not to cross picket lines, and that this will explicitly include assurances to non-citizens of the United States and to students that their grades will not be adversely affected for classes missed during any strike or other job action,


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CCAS Faculty Senate calls upon


            – Rutgers-Camden Administration and Faculty leaders, in solidarity with union members across Rutgers as well as with the Faculty leaders of Rutgers-New Brunswick, to sign a pledge stating that: “If a strike occurs, we respect that all persons (students, faculty, or staff) have a right to make a decision to participate or not participate in the strike and that we will not retaliate against either decision.”