Meeting of the Faculty Senate

Approved Minutes

March 31, 2021



The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:20 a.m.., with FASC Senate President Jim Brown presiding. There are 43 Senators, including one officer and five senators-at-large. Of the 43 voting members, 31 were present.  A quorum was met. 

  • A motion to approve the minutes of February 24, 2021 was made. The motion to approve the minutes with the correction was Voting record: 31 ayes, 0 opposed, 0 abstention
  • Courses and Programs presented by Alex Roche Chair of the APC for approval by the Senate:

Courses presented for approval by APC to Faculty Senate

March 31, 2021

Voting Record


Course #

Course Title

Credit Value

New/ Revision






















































































  • Bylaw Amendments
    • Final amendments discussions to provide description of planning and budget committees
    • Language pulled from university bylaws
    • Shared governance is advisory
    • 8A main change
    • Added regularly inform Faculty Senate of all meetings with the Dean
    • Added language for staff, faculty, and students to be involved in budget and planning
    • Call meeting of full faculty to vote
  • Adhoc Report
    • -committee met to assess teaching costs and teaching & mentoring in excess of teaching loads
    • Two phases
      • Phase 1=teaching overloads (independent studies, dissertations, etc.)
      • Phase 2=survey of data on other activities to be included in contractual relations
    • Academic Integrity
      • Julie Griepenburg and Sara Leshen
      • Extreme uptick in academic integrity violations
      • Students use Chegg
      • Changed policies and ways of grading, still violations
      • Class wide group chats
      • Addressed in syllabi & class, changed exams to be unable to find answers
      • 15 cases per semester
      • Affecting course reviews
      • Discrimination accusations against faculty
      • Minimal sanctions for students
      • Faculty can adjudicate their own sanctions
      • Students may not understand plagiarism
      • Send resources to students to clarify what is constituted as cheating
      • Invite Janae Tucker and Jane Siegel to next meeting


The meeting adjourned at 12:19 p.m.


Present: Paul Bernstein, Holly Blackford, I-Ming Chiu, Jinglin Fu, Anthony Grasso, Julie Griepenburg, Rafey Habib, Osama Hamed, Nicole Karapangiotis, George Kumi, Debashis Kushay, Sara Leshen, Haisheng Li, Nathan Link, Paul Lisicky, Susan Miller, Tamara Nelson, Sylvia Perez-Cortes, Xingyun Qi, Suneeta, Ramaswami, Erin Robinson, Jovanna Rosen, Jillian Sayre, Dan Semenza, Zara Wilkinson, Anthony Wright; Officers: Jim Brown, Beth Rabinowitz


Absent (Senators): Margery Amdur, Kendra Boyd, Marie Chevrier, Angelica Gonzalez, Susan Mokhberi, Ira Roseman,


Explained Absent (Senators): Ross Allen, James Boucher, Courtney Cavanaugh, Stass Shpanin, Marion Solesio,


Senators-at-Large: (present) Andrew Abeyta, Bart Everts, Nathan Fried


Senators-at-Large: (absent) Rick Demirjian (explained), , Paul Jargowsky


Present (Invited Guests): Alex Roche


Drafted by Kelly Esterly, ________________________________