April 28, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:25 p.m. in Room 123 Armitage Hall, Dr. Andrew Lees, President, presiding.

  1. Minutes from December 9, 2009 were Approved. Voice Vote.
  2. Assistant dean Nancy Gulick submitted for approval a list of candidates for awarding the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences in May 2010. Approved.Voice Vote.In response to a question about the total number of graduating students, Dean Gulick noted that there were 654 in 2009 and 690 in 2010.
  3. On behalf of Registrar Camilo Garcia, associate dean Tyler Hoffman proposed a change in the Friday afternoon class meeting patterns to accommodate three new blocks of two hour and forty minute time slots from 12:20-3 pm, 3:10-5:50 pm, and 6-8:40 pm. He also proposed the addition of three blocks of new time slots on Saturdays from 9-11:40 am, 11:50 am-2:30 pm, and 2:40-5:20 pm. These added class times would provide the opportunity for departments and programs to increase their offerings of courses that meet once each week.In response to a question about how these hours might affect observant Jewish students, Dr. Hoffman pointed out that the School of Business already adheres to this schedule and offers sections for required courses on other days as well. When queried about security on campus, Dr. Hoffman asserted that Larry Gaines has already committed more campus police for this purpose. Approved. Voice Vote.
  4. On behalf of the Committee on Academic Policy Dr. Sheila Cosminsky moved that the Faculty Senate approve a list of new courses. (See addendum.) Approved. Voice Vote.
  5. On behalf of the Budget and Planning Committee, Dr. Richard Harris proposed that the Faculty Senate appoint three faculty advisory committees on:
    1. Informational technology
    2. Growth and development
    3. Academic building needs Approved. Voice Vote.
  6. Vice president Joseph Schiavo reminded Faculty Senators to submit their ballots on committee positions to Iris Rodriguez by Friday, May 1.7. President Andrew Lees announced his intention to request annual reports from committee chairs as per the Faculty Handbook.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Members Present: A. Lees, J. Schiavo, L. Bernstein, T. Goertzel, J. Hippolyte, J. Kehl, P.Palenchar, L. Silver, J. Smith, H. Blackford, B. Bowden, R. Habib, K. Elliott, C. Cosentino-Dougherty, A. Gomez Laguna, E. VanderVen, G. Verbrugghe, J. Still, S. Chao, K. Vardanyan, R.Harris, J. Kehl, S. Allred, I. Roseman, E. Gomez, S. Cosminsky, S. Rabinowitz

Members Absent: H. Herrera, R. Evans, D. Hong, E. Demaray, A. Shankman, H. Jacobowitz, D. Kushary, W. Lee, B. Jerome-d’Emila, G. Caputo

Submitted by,
Laurie Bernstein, Secretary
Faculty Senate (AY 2009-2010)