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APRIL 15, 2008

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:25 p.m. in room 121 Armitage Hall, Dr. Bill Saidel, President, presiding.

  1. Assistant Dean Nancy Gulick presented a list of May 2008 graduates. Names were APPROVED, VOICE VOTE pending satisfactory completion of all requirements. Assistant Dean Gulick also announced that there is a need for marshals for graduation.
  2. Dr. Chris Fitter, Chair of the Faculty Life Committee, reported that the committee created an eleven-page questionnaire in April 2007 of which 20 responses were received. Issues addressed:
    1. Security on Campus: Faculty felt that security (on a scale of l[not secure] and 5 [very secure]) was 3 [somewhat] safe on the Camden Campus. There is room for an increase in security.
    2. Car parking lots are not patrolled on the far side of lots and there is inadequate lighting.
    3. Escort Service is not adequate. Students have reported comments by the escort service such as “You’re a big girl.” Escort service cannot say “no” to an escort request; it is mandatory that all escort service requests be fulfilled.
    4. It was suggested that Rutgers issue an I.D. to all students, faculty and staffs to be visibly worn at all times while on campus.

      Acting Chancellor Marsh was surprised that of the 140-150 faculty, there were only 20 responses to the survey. She asked if other faculty are not concerned? We cannot do our work if we are not safe. Secretaries in Armitage and Fine Arts arrive early in the morning, which can pose a safety concern with a lower population of people on campus during the summer months and on Fridays.

      Parking near campus is a “license to hunt.” Evening parking is very difficult because students can park in faculty lots. A multi-level parking deck was suggested but with a large budget cut looming over our heads, a parking deck is not a feasible option. It was noted that students complain about bus drivers talking to one another, which results in making students late for classes. Vice Chancellor Larry Gaines is working to speed up shuttle service. There are proposals to replace the Waterfront parking area with hotels, townhouses, or lower rise units.

      It was noted that at 4:30 -6: 15 p.m. people drive the wrong way into lot 14.
  3. Faculty feel that the campus needs more buildings and better parking facilities. The new Law School cost $33M, $11M came from the State. We only build when State bonds are issued.
  4. There is a need for seminar rooms and large classrooms. Business and Science Building third and fourth floors are too hot in winter and too cold in summer. Fine Arts ventilation has been corrected. Armitage has dirty stairwells and dirty restrooms. Science Building has roaches. Acting Chancellor Marsh is considering decompressing Armitage by taking faculty out of third and fourth floors and making this area into classroom space. Faculty should be in better quarters.
  5. Dr. James Rushing, Chair, Academic Policy Committee, presented several course changes to the Faculty Senate.
    1. The Department of Fine Arts presented a new course to accommodate a new faculty member starting in fall 08. The Faculty Senate APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.  Several other disciplines had courses to be presented but time ran out. These courses will be presented at the first Senate meeting of the 2008-2009 academic year.
    2. The Academic Policy Committee proposes that a friendly amendment be made for Stars students who have not taken a foreign language. It is proposed that the elimination of one language requirement be replaced with a writing intensive course such as world masterpieces or literature courses. The Faculty Senate APPROVED, VOICE VOTE WITH ONE VOTE ABSTAINING.
  6. Dr. Saidel announced that Dr. Andrew Lees would be the President of the FAS-Faculty Senate for academic year 2008-2009.

Meeting ended at 1:20.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Saidel, Tarbell, Schiavo, McIlroy, IVJaslen, J. Smith, Vallone, Johann, J. Smith, Fitter, Ledoux, Sill, Rushing, Lees, VanderVen, Still, Chao, Gurfinkiel, Shienbaum, Duffy, Herrera

MEMBERS ABSENT: Espiritu, Tan, Shankman, Karel, Li, Robinson, Bezrukova, Caputo, Meloy, Goertzel

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Vallone, VanTil, Hippolyte, J. Robinson, Adelson

Submitted by:
Joseph Schiavo, Secretary
Faculty Senate (2007-2008)