October 16, 2007
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. in room 121 Armitage Hall, Dr. William Saidel, President, presiding.
1. The minutes from the April 17th , 2007 meeting were APPROVED, VOICE VOTE pending Senator Fitter’s verbal suggestions in word changes that he will forward in writing to Dr. Joe Schiavo, secretary.
The minutes from the September is”, 2007 meeting were
2. Associate Provost Mary Beth Daisey and Dr. Saidel distributed copies of the Bookstore Survey. Following are the results: a) Out of the 56 responses, 53 indicated that they use the Bookstore for ordering books. Of the 53, 52 ask the bookstore to confirm book orders. b) Better communication between the instructors and Bookstore is needed, especially with online orders. The instructor should be notified if a new edition of an ordered book is available. c) It was suggested that Faculty should have textbook manager Jamal Parker’s contact information. Mary Beth will send Parker’s contact information to all faculty. d) It was suggested that the Bookstore inform instructors when books are on the shelf. e) Mary Alice Diehl, Manager of the Bookstore, offered to meet with faculty to address individual problems with communication. f) It is thought that the Bookstore’s prices are unusually high and unfair to students. Some instructors send their students to purchase elsewhere to bypass the higher book store prices.
g) It was noted that some instructors negotiate prices with publishers with some success.
3. Dr. Alex Roche, Chair of the Information Services Committee, reported on the ongoing issue concerning administrative privileges to install or update software on desktops and laptops provided to faculty members by the Dean’s Office. Essentially, the current policy was created to avoid the installation of software containing viruses and malicious software that could adversely affect the faculty secured network. The bottom line is to have a secure network that will safely protect the faculty member’s research data. Faculty computers are connected to
a separate secure network, which allows for the use of approved software only. The student network is unsecured and less regulated. The Senate’s charge to the Information Services Committee suggested a free for all access to the secure server, which, according to the committee, is not a workable solution. Instead, the committee suggested the possibility of having an intermediate network, with a certain level of security and a limited amount of administrative privileges somewhere between the faculty and student networks, for use by faculty members. It was moved that the Information Services Committee be charged once again to look into the possibility of implementing a second-tier network, with administrative privileges, and the time it would take for this to happen. The motion was
4. A copy of the 10/5/07 FAS Faculty Workload Policy was distributed. This policy is intended to be implemented as three-year pilot program starting in fall 2009. It will then be evaluated to determine if it should be made the permanent workload policy of FAS. Discussion of this issue should be the second topic at the next FAS Faculty Senate meeting.
The meeting ended at 1: 25 p.m.
MEIYl BERS PRESEI\JT: Saidel, Tarbell, Schiavo, IYlc:l:lroy, Maslen, Vallone, J. Smith, Fitter, Ledoux, Sill, Tan, Rushing, Lees, VanderVen, Still, Karel, Li, J. Robinson, Chao, Gurfinkiel, Shienbaum, Duffy, VanTil, Goertzel, Meloy, Hippolyte, Herrera
MEMBERS ABSENT: Shankman, Bezrukova
MEMBERS EXCUSED: Johann, Adelson, Espiritu
ph C. Schiavo, Secretary
ulty Senate (2007-2008)