Faculty Senate
FEBRUARY 6, 2007
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:24 p.m. in room 121
Armitage Hall, Dr. Charles Jarrett, President, presiding.
1. Minutes from the December 5, 2006 Faculty Senate meeting were APPROVED,
2. Dr. Jarrett distributed copies of the Statement of Proposed Restructuring from the
Rutgers-Camden Faculty Senate dated December 10, 2003. He suggested that
Senators review the 2003 statement and provide input. Faculty Senate views will
be sent out by Dr. Jarrett to the President’s Faculty Advisory Committee, which is
scheduled to meet on February 21st. The following suggestions were presented:
If the merger were to go forward the Camden Campus would have to quadruple
its enrollment. Obviously, quadrupling the campus is not a feasible option in a
ten-year period.
The 2003 Senate merger statement should be modified to reflect the merger
currently under discussion.
The Senators unanimously agreed that Rutgers Camden maintain parity within
the Rutgers system with regard to Rutgers sponsorship of faculty applications for
grants and contracts; maintain current basis of faculty and student access to the
centralized Rutgers library system; maintain current basis of faculty and student
access to the centralized Rutgers computer system; maintain parity with the
Rutgers – New Brunswick and Newark campuses in all faculty terms of
employment, such as health and retirement benefits, sabbatical and competitive
leave programs, teaching loads, and tenure and promotion criteria and
procedures; retain a unified contract for all campuses and centralized faculty
determination of union representation. Senators APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.
We want to grow undergraduate and graduate academic programs appropriate to
a liberal arts education in a major research university to a goal of 10,000
students within a decade.
A special Faculty Senate meeting has been called for Tuesday, February 12th to
continue the merger discussion.
2. Dr. James Rushing, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, presented a Form
29 submitted by the English Department. A new course, 50:350:326, Introduction
to Rhetoric, will be an overview of key concepts in rhetoric – the art of persuasion
– through study of their application across a wide range of texts and contexts in
politics, popular culture, and public affairs. The English Department also
presented a new course, 50:350:329, Special topics in Writing and Media. The
course will be an in-depth study of a particular issue in the study of writing and
media. Both courses will enhance offerings in rhetoric and writing studies. Both
proposals were APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.
The meeting adjourned at 1:22 p.m.
Members Present: C. Jarrett, R. Tarbell, J. Schiavo,W. Saidel, P. Maslen, G. Kortsarz,
I-M. Chiu, S. Fiske, C. Fitter, C. Singley, J. Rushing, E. Vanderven, A. Shankman, G.
Verbrugghe, H. Herrera, S. Burrell, C. Brown, E. R. Cowley, K. Shienbaum, K.
Bezrukova. K. Thierry, J. VanTil, G. Caputo, B. Adelson, W. Glasker, L. Garcia, J-L
Members Excused: Margery Amdur, A. Espiritu
Members Absent: M. Meloy
Submitted by,
Joseph C. Schiavo, Secretary
Faculty Senate (AY 2006-2007)