December 7, 2004
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:32 p.m. in room 121 Armitage
Hall, Dr. Allen Woll, President, presiding. Dr. Woll welcomed everyone to the second
Faculty Senate meeting for this academic year.
1. A list of Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of
Sciences – diplomas dated January 2005 was distributed and APPROVED, VOICE
VOTE. The question was asked, “How many of the candidates are more than fouryear
graduates?” Dr. Woll stated that he did not know and that Dean Nancy Gulick
would be contacted for this information.
2. The November 2, 2004 Faculty Senate meeting minutes were APPROVED, VOICE
3. Dean Margaret Marsh addressed the Faculty Senate regarding security. She
stated that Provost Roger Dennis is reviewing and studying a new security plan for
the campus. The Provost requested that Dean Marsh ask the Faculty Senate how
they feel about large buildings (e.g., Armitage, Fine Arts Building) with more than
one entrance having all entrances except one closed off and having equipment
installed so anyone entering the building would be required to swipe an I.D. card.
People entering the building without an I.D. card would have to sign in with the
Senators commented on how a swipe system could cause students waiting in line
to swipe their I.D. card to be late for their classes. It was also pointed out that
measures such as these could provide Rutgers with a false sense of security,
particularly because petty theft on campus is perpetrated by people within the
campus community. Suggestion was made security checks before and after hours
would be a good compromise and a better long-term solution.
Senators expressed concerns to Dean Marsh about the high level of fear among
students, as well as about safety within buildings during early morning and evening
hours. It was suggested that alarm strips be extended throughout buildings, but
Dean Marsh said that this technology was obsolete and could not be installed.
Phones with blue lights have been installed throughout campus, but their locations
are not always obvious.
Dean Marsh requested that any suggestions be emailed to her as soon as
4. Chris Dougherty, Associate Dean and Director of EOF Program, distributed
information about the Rutgers-Camden Learning Resource Center and EOF
(Educational Opportunity Fund), and presented an overview of the EOF program.
EOF, with its staff of four counselors and a secretary, is currently located at 5th
and Cooper, but will be moving to the third floor of Armitage Hall before this
summer. A search for an Administrative Assistant will be underway in the near
future. State-provided funds for students come from article 3 (which will give
participants a $100 increase starting next semester.)
Dean Dougherty stated that University College is drawing younger students. One
problem students face in University College is inconsistent scheduling of courses.
Dean Dougherty also noted that weekend college may be coming back, and that
other Rutgers campuses may adopt Rutgers-Camden’s weekend format. There
must be flexibility in instructor/course scheduling for the weekend college to be
5. Chuck Mannella, Director of Alumni Relations, distributed information about
upcoming campus events and encouraged everyone to attend. The Annual
Provost’s Campus-Wide Holiday Gathering will be held on Monday, December
13th in the Campus Center Lounge from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. This event includes a
Chinese auction (which last year raised $3,500 for the Camden Angels Project, the
Salvation Army, and the Cathedral Kitchen). Canned goods, new unwrapped toys,
and cash can be exchanged for raffle tickets. Mr. Mannella suggested that
members of the campus community consider buying special holiday gift certificates
to one of the world’s favorite operas, “Carmen,” which will be presented for one
night only on Monday, January 31, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. in the refurbished Gordon
Theater. At last count, 125 tickets had already been sold.
Mr. Mannella urged everyone to attend the Campus Reunion on The River 2005
scheduled for May 21, 2005. (Last year’s Reunion on the Waterfront was a big
success, with approximately 700 in attendance.) President McCormick will be
attending this year’s event. It will begin with a reception on campus; the main
event (music, dancing, food, drink, etc.) will be held at the Aquarium’s $20 million
addition, scheduled for completion on May 1, 2005. This year’s reunion will be
special in that students will graduate on May 20th and thus be eligible to attend the
following day. Mr. Mannella requested that everyone encourage graduates to
In closing, Mr. Mannella requested that departments notify the Alumni Office
whenever special events are planned so that they can be posted on the website
calendar. He urged everyone to look at the calendar and to participate in as many
events as possible.
Allen Woll adjourned the meeting at 1:16 p.m.
Members Present: A. Woll, R. Epstein, L. Bernstein, W. Saidel, S. Katz, S. Shende, R.
Lopez, R. Ryan, J. Rushing, L. Thomas, A. Lees, J. Still, M. Greipp, C. Brown, R.
Cowley, K. Shienbaum, I. Roseman, J. VanTil, G. Caputo, J. Siegel, J. Schiavo, R.
Members Excused: M. Nerurkar, N. Sulik
Members Absent: J. Dighton, J. Ma, J.T. Barbarese, M. Dillon, J. Baird, W. Lee, N.
Marmorstein, C. Brenner
Submitted by,
Laurie Bernstein, Secretary
Faculty Senate (AY 2004-2005)