November 2, 2004
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. in room 121 Armitage Hall,
Dr. Allen Woll, President, presiding. Dr. Woll welcomed everyone to the Faculty Senate’s first
meeting for this academic year and introduced himself as the new Faculty Senate President. He
then introduced Laurie Bernstein, Faculty Senate Secretary, and Senator-at-Large Joseph
Schiavo, who does such an excellent job updating the Faculty Senate website at
1. The April 22, 2004 minutes were APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.
2. The list of Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Sciences for
diplomas dated October 2004, which was electronically approved in October, was
recorded and APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.
3. A change to the master course list (form 29) was presented by the Department of History.
Course 50:514:350, The Caribbean, is a new course which will cover the history of the
Caribbean from its colonial beginnings in 1492 to the present day. Focus on slavery and
independence; 20th-century inter-island politics and relations with the U.S.; and migration
and cultural change since the 1960’s. This new course will contribute to the Latin
American Studies minor. The question was asked, “Why is this a 350 course with no
prerequisites?” Dr. Woll indicated that the History Department is changing its
requirements to reflect expanded categories, and that the History Department currently
has several 300-level courses that do not require prerequisites. The Caribbean course was
4. Mary Beth Daisey, Associate Provost for Student Life, requested that students be
encouraged to set up an email account at Rutgers. Students can have their Rutgers’
account forwarded their off-campus email address (e.g., AOL, COMCAST, etc.).
However, it is important to know that should their off-campus email address change, their
email from Rutgers would no longer work. They would have to go through the
Registrar’s Office (not on-line) to get their email to forward again. Ms. Daisey encouraged
everyone to use RAMS. Class email lists are easy to set up. Not only does each
department have an approver assigned to RAMS who can approve notices, but Ms. Daisey
can also approve. She requested that departments send her their RAMS lists.
5. Mary Beth Daisey and Allen Woll are members of the Academic Integrity Committee,
representing the Camden Campus. Rules for academic integrity compliance are under
review for possible change (i.e., doing away with levels 1,2, and 3 and changing to
offenses at a lower level and a level warranting suspension). Lower level offense would
replace levels 1 & 2, and the higher level would be the equivalent of level 3. If a change is
made, the appeal process will still be available.
When Ms. Daisey was asked the question, “Can lap tops be used on exams?” Mary Beth
indicated that she did not believe there was such a policy at the present time, but she
would check.
6. Dr. Woll indicated that no other new business had been submitted for today’s meeting.
He noted that the next meeting on December 7th will be full; Chris Dougherty, Associate
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Director, EOF Program is already scheduled for
the agenda.
Meeting adjourned at 12:51 p.m.
Members Present: A. Woll, R. Epstein, L. Bernstein, W. Saidel, S. Katz, R. Lopez, R. Ryan, M.
Dillion J. Rushing, L. Thomas, A. Lees, J. Still,W. Lee, M. Greipp, I. Roseman, J. Siegel, J.
Schiavo, r. Tarbell
Members Excused: R. Cowley, S. Shende, K. Shienbaum, J. VanTil
Members Absent: J. Dighton, J. Ma, J.T. Barbarese, J. Baird, M. Nerurkar, N. Sulik, N.
Marmorstein, C. Brenner, G. Caputo
Submitted by,
Laurie Bernstein, Secretary
Faculty Senate (AY 2004-2005)