December 3, 2002

TIME AND PLACE: 12:20 p.m., Room 121, Armitage Hall

MEMBERS PRESENT: C. Singley, J. Schiavo, R. Tarbell, R. Evans, W.Saidel, A. Roche, S. Katz, J-C Birget, C. Fitter, M.A. Rafey Habib, L. Tan, J. Tittler, L. Bernstein, A. Lees, J. Still, M. Nerurkar, M. Karel, M. Greipp, C. Brown, J. Gagliardi, I. Roseman, J. VanTil, J. Meyer, J. Siegel, S. Gramby-Sobukwe, N. Hopkins-Evans


ABSENT: J. Ma, R. Epstein, W. Jerome, J. Soll, W. Puentes, K. Shienbaum, B. Adelson, R. Sanchez-Mayers, J. Gerver

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. in room 121 Armitage Hall, Dr. Carol Singley, President, presiding. Dr. Singley welcomed everyone to the Faculty Senate meeting and then stated that she would like to take the opportunity to remember Dr. Leonard Bidwell, associate professor of Mathematics who passed away on November 27th. Professor Bidwell was a kind and positive presence on this campus for forty years. He will
be missed by many. After a moment of silence, the meeting continued. The November 5, 2002, minutes were APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.

II. Approval of January ’03 Graduates. Dean Nancy Gulick provided the names of the January ’03 graduation applications prior to the meeting. At the meeting, Dean Gulick brought to the Senate’s attention that two additional applicants who filed late should be added to the list: Gabriel
Strain (Biology Department) and Diane Brown (Urban Studies). Contingent upon the successful completion of course requirements by each graduate, the January ’03 List of Graduates was APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.

III. Approval of New Courses and Course Changes. Copies of Form 29, Changes to the Master Course List, for the Fine Arts Department and Anthropology, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department were distributed to each Senator prior to the December 3rd meeting. Dr. Bill Whitlow,
Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, distributed the Foreign Language Department’s Form 29s at the meeting. Dr. Whitlow pointed out that a change in the Criminal Justice Department was being recognized primarily to assist in transfer of credits for students. APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.

Dr. Whitlow complimented the Fine Arts Department for doing a magnificent job in revising their curriculum in a relatively short time. Several changes in the Fine Arts Department were proposed to reflect the current strengths in the department. The Museum Studies minor now is separate from Art History. The sequence of Studio Arts and the restructuring of Animation reflect current strengths. Dr. Andrew Lees questioned the change from 3 to 6 majors in comparison to the total
number of courses. Dr. Martin Rosenberg, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, explained that few new courses have been added. He pointed out that the “concentration” of all 48 hour courses will be more coherent and cohesive for the betterment of students. APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.

The Foreign Language Department proposed new courses to reflect the department’s strengths in new faculty: French Film in French and Russian Literature in English translation. An error in interdisciplinary course number 50:415 was brought to the Senate floor and correction was noted.APPROVED, VOICE VOTE.

IV. Consideration of Proposed New General Requirements. A copy of the final version (December 2, 2002 of the Proposed College Degree Requirements was distributed to each senator. Dr. Allan Woll, acting chair of the Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee, acknowledged faculty for their service in building the proposal. He noted that there was a huge difference working on the 1980 proposal compared to the 2002 proposal–thanks to the internet. The Ad Hoc Committee was able to accept and make changes with input through internet communication. Dr. Woll did an overview of the final version of the proposal at which time a number of concerns were addressed.

Dr. Andrew Lees supported a friendly amendment under section F – Diversity and Global Studies to read: “Diversity refers to multicultural differences within the United States, including race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and social class.” (The word religion was added.) Dr. Stuart Charme, Chair of the Religion Department, acknowledged his approval of thisamendment. Dr. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, Senator-at-Large, stated her disappointment that
more multicultural courses were not required to obtain a degree. Dr. John Gagliardi, Chair of the Department of Physics, suggested that a Science, Technology and Society course on Biology of Rainforests be offered.

There was discussion concerning the number of credits required to obtain a degree in the sciences and math. These degrees require 10-20 more credits than the humanities degrees. Dr. Bill Saidel of the Biology Department stated his concern that we may lose students because of this issue.

The Proposed College Degree Requirements was APPROVED, VOICE VOTE with one vote abstaining.

V. Associate Provost Mark Rozewski – Discussion of Campus Master Plan. Associate Provost Mark Rozewski presented the senators with a large map indicating future plans for the Camden Campus for the next twenty years. Plans for new buildings and changes in the make up of the campus were impressive. The issue of parking was presented by one of the senators. We were told that parking space down by the river will prevail, since the university has an agreement with the ball team to make parking space available for 2000 visitors. The Faculty Senate appreciated the presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 P.M.

Submitted by,

Roberta K. Tarbell, Secretary
Faculty Senate (AY 2002-2003)